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What skills does my dog need to be successful at Spoiled Rotten?

1. Sociability- Dogs are assigned playgroups based on their size, weight, and style of play. However, if we notice your dog is more selective with their playmates than what we are able to accommodate, it may be determined that our facility is not an appropriate match for your dog. 


2. Self Restraint- Enthusiasm is always welcomed, but excessive jumping, nipping, barging through gates and doorways, and barreling over other dogs and staff is a safety concern. The staff needs to provide equal attention to all dogs, so some self moderation is required during daycare. 


3. Downtime- We often provide periodic moments of rest throughout the day, this provides much needed structure and time to decompress and recharge during a longer day of daycare. Dogs must be able to settle and take a moment to slow down and part from their friends without causing destruction to kennels and beds, and doing so without being overly stressed or causing stress to calm dogs around them. 


4. Sharing- For safety reasons, we do not have toys out with our larger dogs during daycare- however, some dogs may become possessive over their favorite staff member(s), water bowls, friends, and other available resources which is not safe behavior for daycare. 


5. Ability to read other dogs- To keep interactions safe, we expect dogs to have prior knowledge of how to read social cues and respect each other's boundaries. If we notice your dog is persistent and not responding to cues from their playmates OR verbal cues from daycare staff, they may be required to complete training prior to returning to daycare for a potential re-evaluation. 


6. Comfort away from home- We always give dogs with anxiety some extra TLC during their evaluation, and provide them with the chance to adjust at their own pace. Occasionally, some dogs show signs of significant discomfort even after a trial period. If this is the case, we will advise you to start with shorter, ½ day playdates and smaller group outings (not provided through our daycare) away from home. 


7. Appropriate Greetings- Some dogs may become frustrated when they are unable to sniff/greet dogs on the other side of the fence. This can cause tension and sometimes aggression (barrier frustration). The staff must be able to quickly redirect dogs away from the fences if they become too fixated on dogs in separate areas. 


If your dog struggles or lacks any of the behaviors mentioned above, we reserve the right to ask that your dog be removed from the facility. If your dog is exhibiting any of the behaviors listed above, we will handle the situation using a 3-strike rule. We will first speak with you about the issue. If it continues, we will give you a written warning that outlines the issue(s). If the behavior continues and we are not able to find a solution, we will ask that your dog does not return to our daycare. 


If your dog displays extreme aggression that results in themselves, other dogs, or staff members being put in danger, we will ask that your dog is removed from the facility immediately. 


Thank you for understanding and helping keep our daycare a safe and fun environment for your four-legged best friends!

What do I need to send with my dog for their boarding stay?

All we need when your pup stays with us is their food! We have plenty of treats here, but if they have allergies or a treat they particularly love, feel free to bring some! Food can be sent pre-portioned or in a large container - whatever is easiest for you! We do have a refrigerator and microwave to accommodate dogs with special diets or wet food. 

We recommend sending your pup(s) with an extra meal or a little more food than they eat on a regular basis because they get so much exercise while they're here. When dogs are staying for more than 3-4 nights, it is never a bad idea to pack a few extra portions of food- many dogs will
- Let us know they’re hungry
- Become irritable when they’re hungry
- Spit up bile when they’re hungry

We ensure that all of our sleep over guests get plenty of extra treats and water throughout the day, but it’s hard to supply extra food & snacks to dogs with food allergies!

Sending a little extra food is a sure way to keep your pup happy, full bellied, and at their IDEAL WEIGHT! They’re burning lottttttts of calories during the day with all of their FURiends- and this often slips ones mind!

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered to attend daycare?

YES! We require all dogs over the age of 7 months to be fixed for health and safety reasons! If your dog is younger than 7 months and has not been fixed, they are welcome to come to daycare up until 7 months or until they are fixed!

Do the dogs get to go outside?

YES! We have a spacious outdoor area enclosed by an 8-foot fence. The door to our yard stays open (weather permitting) all day long so the pups can go in and out as they please! Since our little dogs have their play space on our second floor, there is a back staircase that allows them direct access to the yard while the big dogs play inside! Weather permitting, the little dogs go out to use the yard every ~3 hours. The yard is paved to allow for easy cleaning. It also benefits pups who tend to dig or eat grass/pebbles! In the summer, we have kiddie pools out and spray down the yard every hour to keep the pavement cool! 

Is the facility temperature controlled?

Yes! Our building is heated throughout the fall/winter months and fully air conditioned through the summer! Your pups' comfort is our top priority, so we do everything we can to keep them warm in the winter and cool for the summer! We provide blankets during the chilliest days of the winter and have industrial fans in the summer in addition to our A/Cs. If you know your pup tends to get chilly, we encourage you to send them with a jacket! 

Can you administer medication to my dog?

Yes! Our staff is well-versed with giving all types of medication, including Insulin shots! There is no extra cost for boarding guests who require medication.

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