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We offer boarding services 24/7, 365!

At Spoiled Rotten, we practice "open boarding," where an overnight attendant stays with our boarding pups after the daycare staff leaves. Your pup will be able to choose where they sleep, whether it's on one of our doggy cots, an open crate, the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, or snuggled up with the overnight person on their cot. 

During the day, boarders go with our daycare dogs for a regular day of play! Even if your pup is just going to be boarding with us, they will have to complete a day of daycare to evaluate their behavior prior to boarding (we suggest a few full days of daycare before a lengthy stay with us!).

$72.00 per 24 hours
($120.00 for 2 dogs)


All we need when your pup stays with us is their food & any medication they're actively taking! We have plenty of treats here, but if they have allergies or a treat they particularly love, feel free to bring some! Food can be sent pre-portioned or in a large container - whatever is easiest for you! We do have a refrigerator and microwave to accommodate dogs with special diets or wet food.

** Holiday Fees Applicable

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