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Jillian Currier, owner

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About Us


Jillian opened Spoiled Rotten Doggy Daycare with the hope and determination to relieve so many dog parents of the anxieties and fears she had about her own dogs, Chopper, Summer & Harley- What are they doing at home alone all day? Are they bored? Are they unhappy? The guilt and worries of leaving her own fur babies at home, combined with Jill's determination, love for animals, and upbeat personality inspired her to create a safe, loving, and FUN environment where dogs could play all day while their parents are at work!


 Established in 2007, Spoiled Rotten Doggy Daycare is devoted to the well being and socialization of your four legged family members. We are committed to providing you the peace of mind that your dog is secure and in good hands. Whether you're working a long day, going on vacation, or taking a business trip, you can leave without fear of your dog getting sick, lonely or depressed. Doggy daycare is a 100% guilt free way to keep your fast paced lifestyle as well as providing a loving home for a dog of any age! 


Every single dog gets personalized attention in a safe, fun environment where they can play and interact with fellow doggies of their own size! Spoiled Rotten Doggy Daycare strives to support and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners by providing them with a place to get all of their craziness and energy out, allowing for the introduction of boundaries and respect at home.


Why Spoiled Rotten Doggy Daycare?

  • Great place for exercise throughout the day

  • Reduces separation anxiety/ dependency

  • Develops socialization skills with other dogs

  • No more chewed or ruined furniture from leaving a bored, anxious pup home alone

  • Perfect for vacations, emergencies, and accommodating a busy/fast paced lifestyle

  • Rules & Regulations enforced by a trained and attentive staff who understand dogs and their needs

  • Guaranteed fresh air & outside time throughout the day

  • Constant supervision and mental/physical stimulation

Hannah, GM

Audrey, GM

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